An Ergonomic Stand for Your Tablet

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Ever had to prop yourself up on multiple pillows or contort yourself in an awkward position in order to get a good view of the movie playing on your tablet? The TSTAND tablet stand was designed as a solution, created to offer hands-free, relaxed and optimal viewing of your tablet no matter what position you’re in.


According to TSTAND, the problem with tablet viewing is it encourages poor posture and the risk of developing neck, wrist, finger and back discomfort due to the size of tablets and the virtual keyboard. The tablet stand was created to make tablets more comfortable and ergonomic to use.


The tablet stand helps unlock the maximum potential of tablet promises by being user-friendly with a reversible base and adjustable viewing angle. The two features make it easier for users to find a more comfortable position to watch content on their tablets.


“Tstand solves the ergonomic problem of holding your tablet in an uncomfortable position over a long period of time. With its patented reversible base, it can go from a device being used in a relaxed environment to a work station. Its H-shaped base hugs your chest while ensuring maximum comfort and stability,” according to TSTAND’s website.


TSTAND ran a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, with 2,896 backers pledging more than $190,000 to help bring the project to life. The product is available online in silver and black starting from $37.



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