Better Packing With Space Saver Bags

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Better ways to pack are always worth a try. There is nothing more liberating than being able to travel with a bag that does not feel like a burden. Something that tries to help you with this goal is Space Saver Bags. Eight of these bags will run you about $16. It is advertised that using these bags can save you up to three times the space in your luggage.

Here is how the bags work: Pack a few shirts into these bags, seal them and roll them. As you roll, the air inside is released through small valves. You don’t need any pumps or vacuum seals in order for them to deflate and condense into the smallest space possible. These bags will also protect clothes from the elements and uninvited guests. The bags protect from dirt, odors and bugs. They come in varying sizes, which makes them great not only for clothes, but also towels and any other larger items you might travel with.

A similar product that is reusable is the Arti Art Space Saver Travel Storage Bags. These bags function in a similar way with the added bonus of reusability.

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