CatDrive: Wireless Smart Drive

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If you’ve been spending countless dollars on monthly cloud storage fees to hold your digital content it might be time to call it quits. With the CatDrive storage device you can now transfer your photos, music, videos and documents to your own personal cloud-like smart drive and rid yourself of fees ever again.

The CatDrive is a wireless smart storage device that syncs with your devices to allow you to securely transfer content without your data being leaked or stolen. Its small size makes it easy to travel with and its smartphone compatibility makes managing your content simple.

Other features include auto backups of your photos and videos, a multiple user interface, SMS verification and a shockproof hard drive. The CatDrive is capable of holding up to 630,000 photos, 30,000 music files, 9,000 TV shows and 500,000 documents. Travelers who work on the road or simply want an easier way to share photos with family and friends will find it more than up to the challenge.

The CatDrive sells online for $199 and is estimated to start shipping this month. With no monthly or annual fee, it’s possibly the best way to share and store files in a safe place without breaking the bank.

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