Custom Tailoring at Stitch-Fix

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It seems like everything is available by subscription service these days. Personalized make-up boxes for women are available with services like Ipsy and Birchbox and personal shaving essentials for men like Bevel and Dollar Shave Club. Many people want the convenience of delivery, with the personalization of a subscription service. What about clothes? Can you really personalize your wardrobe without the ability to try things on?


With Stitch-Fix you may be able to. Stitch-Fix is an online styling service that claims to be your online personal stylist. Like most subscription services you fill out a Style Profile that goes over your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle to find the perfect items for you.


The service sends you five items each month for about $55 per item, which can vary by item. If you choose to buy all five items upon delivery you receive 25 percent off your entire package.


You have the ability to try items out, and return any you may not like, so you are not obligated to keep everything and can pick and choose as you go.


The service is convenient for people on the go, or those who don’t enjoy the arduous process of shopping through a mall.


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