Doggie Duffel Pet Travel Bag

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If you can’t bear the thought of going away without your furry friend, this bag is the perfect solution. The Doggie Duffel makes traveling with a pet beyond easy. No more struggling to keep water, food and accessories organized and away from the rest of your luggage — the Doggie Duffel is purpose built for the task.

The duffel comes with a range of accessories such as collapsible bowls of different sizes. There are two sizes available: one that holds 25 cups of food and the other that holds 42 cups of food.

Thanks to high-grade nylon construction and waterproof zips, you can be sure your dog food will be kept safe and dry without making your other items smell. It’s a great idea compared to tying up a carrier bag full of food, which can easily split and go everywhere.

If you travel regularly with your pet, the Doggie Duffel seems like a great idea. It looks like it will be good value for the money as well.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Doggie Duffel is set to ship in February 2018 to buyers around the world. The smaller bag will retail for $48, while the larger model will retail for $55.

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