Dripkit: Coffee on the Go

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Instant coffee gets a bad rap. Dripkit ups the instant coffee game, delivering flavorful grounds ideal for making single-cup pours.

Dripkit is ideal for anyone who wants fresh-brewed coffee without the hassle of a bulky coffeepot. Here’s how it works: Begin by boiling water. Open your Dripkit pouch and secure it on top of your mug. Each Dripkit is filled with 14 grams of coffee grounds. Slowly fill the grounds filter with the water, allowing it to drain completely. Repeat the pour process two more times and enjoy! Watch a video tutorial on the website.

Dripkit currently uses fair trade beans from a family-owned farm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, before being roasting and assembled in Brooklyn, N.Y. The company rotates producers seasonally. It’s recommended to drink your Dripkit within 60 days for maximum freshness.

A one-time purchase costs $15 for five packs, $28 for 10 and $49 for 20. Subscribe to Dripkit and pay $25 for a monthly 10-pack or $44 for a monthly 20-pack. Shipping is free within the continental United States. Shipping is currently not available to Alaska, Hawai’i or internationally.

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