EasyJet´s Vibrating Guide Shoes

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Britain-based discount airline EasyJet is making it easier for travelers to not only enjoy their low-cost routes but also to navigate through unfamiliar destinations with a simple pair of shoes called Sneakairs.


Travelers who want to take advantage of EasyJet´s new Sneakairs shoes must download the mobile app to their Smartphone (currently only available for iOS devices). Bluetooth technology links the app and the phone´s GPS capabilities to a sensor in each shoe, and the technology indicates to the wearer when to turn right and when to turn left. When a right turn is approaching, the right shoe will vibrate, and the left shoe will do the same when the traveler needs to turn left.


The Sneakairs were first tested on the streets of Barcelona, Spain. Testers wore the shoes and navigated their way among some of the city´s most popular sites without the use of a map. More testing needs to be done to determine the shoe´s comfort for long-distance walking, its resistance to water and its re-routing capabilities in case of incorrect turns.


The price of EasyJet´s Sneakairs is still to be determined, but the shoes will be available in the airline´s signature orange color. EasyJet passengers will be able to purchase the shoes on flights with the discount airline.


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