GoPure Pod

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There are lots of bulky ways to filter water and make it potable, including attachments that fit on your water bottle to expensive pumps and filters.


The new GoPure Pod attempts to change this market with a revolutionary product about the size of a wine cork — small enough to fit in your pocket. The pod is placed inside the water bottle, and purifies the water inside. It’s the perfect antidote to tricky tap water, which may otherwise contain harmful microbes or otherwise undrinkable water.


Headed to Mexico or Southeast Asia? Venturing out to the backcountry? Worries about giardia and other gastrointestinal issues can be put to rest with the pod. No longer will you be forced to buy copious, expensive and environmentally harmful plastic bottles of water while you travel.


Each pod saves around 2,000 plastic water bottles over the course of its lifespan, which runs about six months. In that time, the pod can treat up to 264 gallons of water. For a low price of $24.95, the pod is a great alternative to buying water by the bottle, and it easily pays for itself in that span.


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