Have Laptop? Looking To Make A Few Bucks? Upwork Can Help

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Upwork, while appealing to writers, also presents a good platform for graphic designers, computer coders, voice artists and others to have thousands of jobs sitting in one place.


As a writer myself, that is certainly the area I find myself in most often, but there are no shortage of other jobs available. For those traveling with a laptop, the service can be a lifesaver if looking to find some work while on the road.


In order to get started, users need to share a bit of information, take a few tests and you’ll immediately be granted the opportunity to get started with a number of payment options to make sure you can access the money you’ve earned.


Now, there are a number of jobs that pay horribly, but if that’s not your cup of tea simply don’t send a proposal to accompany the portfolio the platform will host for you. Free users are allowed to apply for about 30 jobs each month with the ability to upgrade your subscription to allow for more proposals for $10 a month.


It’s not perfect, but I found good gigs that usually see payment within about 10 days from completion. Granted, Upwork ( does take 20 percent for smaller projects while pulling considerably less from larger projects or ongoing ones once earning levels have been reached.


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