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The Heroclip is a one-of-a-kind clip that lets you hang just about anything — from your keys to your bike. This insanely durable and lightweight device serves as an extra hand or simply a way to hang your gear when you’ve run out of room on the bed.

It’s foldable so it fits easily into your pocket or pack and contains a rotating hook that hangs just about anywhere you can imagine. It’s tough enough to secure itself to the edge of a rocky outcrop, but also works perfectly as a carabiner in a pinch. The Heroclip can hold up to 60 pounds. That’s strong enough to hang a fully packed bag or even a small kid. We won’t judge. It’s made of aircraft-grade solid aluminum.

After the successful launch of the Originial Heroclip, it now comes in multiple sizes and colors to suit your needs. Travelers will find plenty of uses for one, like hanging clothes in your hostel or clipping a growler to your pack so you can quickly drink on the go.

The original Heroclip retails online for $19.95 and is currently available on the company’s website. Additional sizes and colors are still in the funding stages, but are expected to begin shipping out August 2018.

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