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Share Button is one of the best resources a traveler can use for finding a hostel. It’s just like Airbnb — but cheaper. The accompanying app is not only a wonderful source for finding a place to stay but also an invaluable travel companion. The app has some cool features.

First thing: The app is just as handy for finding a hostel as the website. You can choose filters, read reviews and look through tons of pictures to find the best hostel for you. The app shows which hostels and rooms are available for last-minute bookings, and the location on a map for your convenience.

Hostel Chat is a new feature currently available in the 50 most popular hostels; the app is working to make it available everywhere. Hostel Chat allows users to chat with other travelers staying at your hostel. This is a great way to make friends or find out who is staying in your hostel. You can begin using it 48 hours prior to your stay.

Speak the World is an amazing addition to the app. You can speak your native language into the app and it will translate it to whatever language you choose and say your words out loud. This is so valuable for people that travel because it opens up communication with everyone. Currently, you can speak in 43 different languages. For fun, the app comes with eight mouth filters, including a cowboy mustache you can use to cover your mouth, as the app speaks your translated words.

The Hostel World app makes travel easier and it’s all available in one convenient app. Download it and use it on your next journey abroad.

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