Hovr Lets You Workout At Your Desk

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Unconsciously burn more calories at work while sitting with Hovr, a swing for feet. The Indiegogo-funded under-desk device purports to allow low-impact, non-distracting movement all day long. The Hovr is a swing for your feet. It comes equipped with a metal rod and a footpad on each end which hangs from a metal stand or the underside of your desk via a strap.


Hovr is made for everyone and can be used while you work or while watching TV. It comes in two models: a desk-mounted version which attaches to the underside of a desk with six screws and an independent stand version which can be brought wherever.


The product is designed to provide moderate to vigorous brain boosting aerobic exercise. Research shows exercise is an effective, low cost intervention for improving both affective and cognitive health. Hovr can be used to attain the 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity and 75 minutes of weekly vigorous activity recommended.



The purely mechanical, patent pending device activates muscles producing movement of the lower body and engages the core using gravity, kinetic energy and harmonic motion. The movement may provide some health benefits of walks without requiring you to leave your desk. Hovr is said to burn calories, 17 percent or more than just sitting.


The desk-mounted version is $89, while the stand-mounted model is $189. Hovr also produces an activity tracker, $33, to discover how far you travel while sitting. Using the iOS and Android Misfit app, you can set goals, see daily progress, measure distance traveled and calories burned.


The Hovr foot swing keeps you in motion at work while your mind may not be.


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