Karrimor Dry Bag

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A dry bag is an essential tool in every traveler’s arsenal but many don’t even know they need one. It’s a fantastic way to keep your belongings safe from rain and snow while exploring a new city. The Karrimor Dry Bag is one of the best available and pretty cheap to boot!

The waterproof sack is made from durable nylon taffeta to ensure your goods are protected from the rain, so you can throw just about anything valuable inside and know it’ll stay dry. Your passport, phone and clothes are all fair game. Alternatively, you can simply use the dry bag as a liner inside of your rucksack.

Either way it’s the perfect companion when you’re traveling in a place that doesn’t see much sun. We’re not sure how well it would hold up against an accidental slip into a river so maybe don’t try and test that one out. It will, however, stand up pretty well to a light drizzle or long rain shower.

It comes in a variety of colors and, with sizes ranging from 2–70 liters, there’s a bag perfect for your needs.

The Karrimor Dry Bag is available now in most outdoor recreation stores or you can simply buy it online for only $14.99.

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