LED Lights

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There is nothing wrong with decorating your house in twinkling Christmas lights. However, after the holiday that just passed, you might have noticed, as you wrapped them around a mantel or a window frame, the only thing about these lights is the chord is rather thick and visible to the naked eye.

A happy alternative to these more traditional lights, and something to keep in mind for the next holiday season or for your next decorating need, is LED lights. You can find them almost anywhere. These strings of lights are usually on thin copper cords and battery operated. Stock up on AA batteries if you go this route. These lights can be seamlessly taped into place or placed inside a glass jar or vase to create a homemade lantern. The battery packs remain cool and can be hidden pretty easily.

A string of 50 LED lights will run you about $6, along with the additional cost of batteries while a string of 120 lights will be about $10. Ideas about how to decorate with these abound on the internet, so a little research will go a long way. Some ideas include using the lights to write an inspirational word on a wall or using them as a colorful clothes line on which to pin beloved photographs. The possibilities are endless.

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