Mishmi Takin Waterproof Boots

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There’s little room for extra footwear when it comes to packing a suitcase, which is why it’s always important to have a great pair of shoes for your trip. The Mishmi Takin Waterproof Boots are a fantastic option you can wear just about anyplace you might go.

The boots are designed with a focus on ventilation with breathable, air permeable eVent fabrics that allow air to move easily throughout. The concept allows the boots to effectively function comfortably in almost any environment, from humid rainforest to dry desert. Each shoe contains stretch-heel designs for comfort, cordura durable fabric and an engraved shank and high-profile cup-sole for stability.

Altogether, it makes them the perfect footwear for the avid traveler who needs something that provides just as much form as it does function.

They contain Vibram Megagrip rubber that allows them to scale varying landscapes in a comfortable, non-slip manner. They’re also pretty fashionable. The best part is, if you like the look and feel of the boots, Mishimi Takim also offers soft- and hard-shell jackets for added protection.

The boots currently retail online starting at $125 a pair, depending on the design, so go ahead and check them out today.

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