Nova: Ultralight LED Athletic Jacket

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The Nova Ultralight Athletic Jacket is a comfortable, fashionable jacket designed with safety in mind. It comes in high-tech materials and with functionality to create a jacket that helps keep you lit in the dark. The LED lights woven into the fabric can be seen from far distances, lessening the chance of collisions with bikers, cars and other runners.

Inside the jacket is a small, 0.5-ounce battery hidden away in a pocket that lights up when the sun goes down. The light is bright enough to shine for up to 450 feet and lasts up to eight hours per charge. Each charge only takes 30 minutes so there are no long waits between runs. There are three lighting modes included: high, low and flashing. The company claims it’s brighter than anything else on the market.

The fabric of the jacket is ultra-light and breathable to help keep you cool and dry in any weather. It also contains a hidden pocket for your smartphone and earphones in case you like to have some tunes on hand while you run. The pocket is even water resistant. As an added perk the jacket also includes thumb pockets in case you need a place to put your hands.

The Nova Ultralight LED Athletic Jacket reached its fundraising goals in February and retails for $179. The first delivery is expected to begin in late March.

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