Plan a Museum Day with MuseumGo

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The world is full of museums dedicated to nearly every subject imaginable. Awareness of every single museum on Earth is impossible, but as with any modern problem, a mobile app exists to make it easier to scout out museums and plan the perfect museum day.


MuseumGo is an interactive app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to browse, locate and learn more about nearly 3,000 museums in the United States. Users can search for nearby museums from a list of cities or by entering a city name. An alphabetized list of museums is then generated, with more information available by clicking on the museum’s name. Immediate information includes the museum name and general operating hours, and once the name of the museum is clicked, further information includes the address, a link to the website or map, hours of operation by day and admission fees, if applicable. A separate map page allows users to enter their starting point for turn-by-turn directions to the museum.


iOS users can download the app for 99 cents, and Android users can download MuseumGo for slightly more than $1.


The app is currently only available for museums in more than 75 cities in the United States, but similar apps are on the market for other cities around the world.


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