PlusUS LifeCard

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There are more portable chargers out there than we can count, but only one of them is designed to fit perfectly in your wallet. The PlusUS LifeCard is a fantastic little device that looks just like a credit card and slips just as easily into your pocket.

The LifeCard is designed with simplicity in mind rather than power, but with 1500mAh there’s still plenty of juice to kick start your phone on the go. The company claims its charger will provide up to 80 percent charge on an iPhone 5, 65 percent on an iPhone 6 and 40 percent on a 6 Plus. That’s plenty to give yourself a little boost when running low, but maybe not enough to rely on it as your sole means of power while traveling. No word on the iPhone 7 yet.

It comes with a cable to recharge, slightly taking away from its compatibility and efficiency by forcing you to find extra storage space. However, we feel the overall size and quality more than make up for a slight shortcoming. It’s a great tool to have on hand in an emergency and can provide you with some extra power in an instant. It’s about the size of three credit cards so it can fit into most wallets.

The PlusUS Lifecard retails online and in store for $49.95.

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