Ponte Camera Lift-Strap

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Professional and amateur photographers alike can attest to the fact a great camera strap can make a world of difference when it comes to neck pain. A long day spent with a strap digging into the back of your neck might equal a night scarfing down painkillers before you can get a wink of sleep. The Ponte Camera Lift-Strap aims to solve this problem once and for all.

The idea is simple: The strap comes with a buckle located in the middle that easily attaches to your backpack. This way, your pack holds the strap in place while distributing the weight of the camera on your chest evenly across both shoulders. Since the shoulders are some of the strongest muscles in your body this reduces the stress on your neck — so easy, yet kind of genius.

The strap comes in two materials, leather and canvas. Both are designed with durability in mind along with a little bit of style. For those looking to save some money the canvas is obviously the cheaper option at only $37, while the more modish leather straps run $59 a piece. The canvas straps come in four different colors while the leather option is only available in two. No longer do you have to carry the burden of a heavy camera pulling you down while you travel.

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