Prima System Modular Travel Pack

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Squeezing as many things as possible into one bag seems to be the goal of most backpack makers, but rarely do any of them do it well. The Prima System Modular Travel Pack might finally break the mold. This dynamic pack combines the right amount of space and storage to make it valuable for both daily use and travel.

The main compartment of the pack holds between 25–30 liters of gear, making it pretty standard in terms of size. However, tucked away in a side pocket is an additional case that can be removed and used to store an extra 10 liters, making it perfect for a daytrip around a new city.

The main pack also contains RFID accessory and travel pockets to help protect your sensitive items and a compartment delegated for your laptop. With storm-guard zippers to help keep your goods dry and magnetic buckles, you don’t have to worry about anything falling out or getting destroyed. There’s even a magnetic clip for your keys.

The Modular Travel Pack retails online for $299 and is expected to ship out before Christmas. Check out the company’s Indiegogo page for more information on design and what accessories are available.

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