Roidmi 2s

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The upcoming Roidmi 2s is the ultimate car companion that allows you to flawlessly stream music, charge your devices and answer your calls without missing a beat. The two-in-one Bluetooth music player and smart charger is a must-have for travelers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

The Roidmi 2s plugs seamlessly into your car’s cigarette lighter and connects to an app on your smartphone. The app seeks out your phone’s music app or scans for high-quality FM stations to find the music of your choice. It includes high-definition playback, intelligent noise reduction and a free radio connection to ensure one of the best music experiences you can get inside your car.

With dual USB ports on the Roidmi 2s, you can charge two devices at once and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS systems. As an added bonus the music player lets you shut off the music with just a shake to answer incoming calls, effectively reducing the background noise and music to provide you with a crisp, clear chat with your friend.

A few extra perks, like navigation broadcast and an LED lighting system, helps the Roidmi 2s really stand out from the pack. At only $39, it’s also a steal. Check out the Indiegogo campaign to learn more and pre-order yours today.

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