Scrubba Air Sleeve

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Keep your laptop safe with this innovative sleeve that uses an air cushion to protect your technology. Instead of a thin neoprene sleeve that protects against superficial damage, get heavy-duty protection with this inflatable laptop protector. It inflates to various levels depending on the situation, and can even double as a travel pillow.

Deflate the sleeve if you’re trying to squeeze your laptop into a full backpack or blow it up to its full extent to protect your device in overhead bins on airplanes. If you feel like a nap, take the pillow and rest your head on it to have a quick rest.

Leave your laptop inside while you sleep if you’re lying flat or use the pillow to improve comfort while you work in transit. The sleeve is made from waterproof 300D nylon TPU for durability, and you can attach a strap for easy carrying.

A wraparound zipper makes for easy access, and the twist-style air valve means it’s easy to inflate. There are blue or gray colors available, as well as a choice of five different sizes.

Retail will be $64 for the 15-inch laptop sleeve, while prices vary for other models. You can also add a strap for $15.


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