Sockwell Compression Socks

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Compression socks may not be the most sexy clothing item on the market, but if you’re sitting or standing for long periods of time, they may increase your comfort dramatically or even save your life.

Even young, healthy travelers can die of blood clots that form in one’s legs while sitting for long periods of time, such as on an international flight. Wearing compression socks, in addition to stretching and walking frequently throughout a flight, can dramatically reduce the risk.

Compression socks from Sockwell are not only well designed, they use colorful and fun patterns to take some of the boring elements away from these utilitarian items.

Available for men and women, Sockwell’s products are made of carefully sourced materials like wool and bamboo, which help eliminate odors, wick away moisture and assist with breathability. The socks are well constructed and comfortable, rather than tight and restricting.

The socks include a spandex material woven throughout, which allows for comfort and a supportive stretch. There’s a graduated compression system built in to support legs and feet as well as help with blood flow. The tops are made to keep from falling down or rolling. And seamless toes help prevent chaffing or blistering.

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