Sonic Soak: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

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Looking for a simple way to clean your clothes and other items while on the go? The Sonic Soak might be the most convenient alternative to a washing machine ever invented. This tiny piece of tech is capable of washing dirt and grime off nearly any surface while also fitting into your pocket.

Sonic Soak uses ultrasonic technology to create microscopic waves and bubbles that are able to disintegrate dirt and bacteria in minutes. It cleans clothes, fruits and vegetables, razors, jewelry, glasses and more. It can even get out many tough stains. It’s simple to use; fill up a sink or other container with water, plug in the Sonic Soak and submerge it, add detergent and set the timer.

Not only is this handy device efficient and effective, but it’s also quiet in order to avoid creaking a ruckus for your neighbors or hostel mates. Developers claim it uses 40 times less water than a standard washing machine and is gentle enough to handle delicates while also weighing less than an iPhone.

The Sonic Soak reached its fundraising goals late last year and the first shipments are expected by the end of February. The pocket-sized washing machine is set to retail at $500.

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