Soulitude Sleep Mask

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The Soulitude might be the most comfortable and functional way to get some sleep on a plane. The 100 percent blackout sleep mask helps turn off the lights, while also blocking out the sound thanks to the attached industrial grade earmuffs. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a cave with these puppies on.

Soulitude is designed with memory foam barriers that form to the shape of your face in order to completely block out external light. The mask also leaves no pressure on your eyelids so it almost feels like there’s nothing even covering them. When combined with the sound-reduction earmuffs — it’s all one piece! — you won’t even realize you’re on a plane. The earmuffs are made with industrial-grade materials, including a thick plastic shell, two layers of acoustic foam, a sound block cup, outer shell isolation and a soft cushion premium foam end to snuggle your earlobes. The Soulitude received a 26dB noise reduction rating, one of the strongest available.

The earmuffs also wrap gently around your headphones so you can listen to your music in peace, or watch a movie without listening to the guy next to you try and hit on the flight attendant. Simply fold the sleep mask up and it’ll rest comfortably out the way so you can utilize the earmuffs without falling asleep.

The Soulitude retails online for $79 with the first shipments beginning in April 2018. Check out the website for more details on features and ways to order.

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