The Muncher – MultiUtensil

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The Muncher is quite possibly the world’s most multifunctional multi-utensil. Equipped with 10 different functionalities, it’s essentially any eating tool you could need in one small package. The versatility of having a spoon, fork and knife in one makes it the perfect device for any traveler.


The Muncher is a jacked spork that also comes with serrated knife, can and bottle openers and a peeler. However, it has uses outside of the kitchen too. You’ll also find a fire starter, cord cutter, box cutter, pry bar and a flathead screwdriver to help you out in emergencies. Just make sure you wash it again before dinner.


The Muncher is made with aerospace-grade titanium and weighs only 0.7 ounces. It also comes with a handy hypalon pouch and carabiner that hooks easily to your pants. The pouch also holds a small flint for when you need to get a quick flame going during your camping adventure. We’re not too sure how TSA-friendly that is, so you might want to pack it in your checked luggage just to be safe.


The Muncher currently retails for $49.99 and is ready to ship today. Check out the website for more information on features and ways you can order your own.

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