Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie

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The Unbound Merino Compact Travel Hoodie is the perfect piece of clothing to take with you on a trip. It takes up little space but still manages to keep you warm, and is a must for those of us who like to travel light.

Unbound Merino chose to opt out of the gimmicky pockets and multiple zippers of today’s conventional travel hoodies and instead focus on creating a versatile, minimalist design with maximum impact. Merino wool is one of the niftiest fabrics on Earth, allowing the hoodie to remain thin and light while still providing enough insulation to keep you warm in frigid temperatures. It’s also wrinkle resistant, odor-resistant and it wicks moisture away to help keep it dry and keep away bacteria. The hoodie also dries quickly if you end up caught in a downpour. Though it provides excellent insulation, it’s also simultaneously naturally breathable, allowing your excess body heat to escape when not needed.

Unbound Merino claims you can wear the hoodie for up to a year without washing it. While that sounds cool, it’s also a little gross so maybe – don’t. Overall it’s an incredibly durable and useful piece of clothing that takes up little room in your backpack or luggage and would make a great option for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

The Compact Travel Hoodie reached its fundraising goals and the first orders are expected to ship in October 2018. Check out the website for more information on features and how to get one of your own.

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