Ursack AllMitey

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If you’ve backpacked in bear country, you know well the challenges of keeping your food out of the paws of these predators. Most people use weighty bear canisters that add significant bulk and weight to the pack.

The Ursack provided a welcome alternative to the bulky canisters for years, but the company didn’t have a universal sack that worked for all animals; instead, you had to buy one for small critters and one for bears.

Enter the Ursack AllMitey, the company’s newest product. This bag is field tested and found to be puncture proof, so everything from tiny mice to massive grizzly bears will be successfully kept away from the contents. The bag is made of Kevlar and is water resistant, so even the rain won’t affect what’s inside.

The bag is heavier than other versions of the Ursack, but still significantly lighter than bear canisters. And should you find any problems with your product, including the near impossibility of rips, tears and other damage, the company generously offers a lifetime warranty.

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