Utility Carry Travel Pouches

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Keep your important items safe on the road with these convenient water-resistant pouches.With two different sizes, the pouches can be used to carry toiletries, documents, electronics or a first-aid kit. The small pouch measures 22 centimeters by 14 centimeters, and the large one is 24 centimeters by 19 centimeters.

Water-resistant materials coupled with water-resistant zippers mean they’re great for electronics and other fragile items; 1000D nylon construction means they’re built to last, too.

Use the metal key ring to attach the pouches to your keys or a larger bag, so you’ll know where it is at all times. Contrast lining makes it easy to see what’s inside the pouch thanks to its bright color.

For many people it can be hard to keep track of small items on the road. Everyone has seen that backpacker who just chucks everything into the main pocket of their bag and hopes for the best, invariably losing small but vital items along the way. The travel pouches are a way of ending disastrous, and sometimes costly, packing.

The small and large pouches will retail for $20 and $22 respectively following a successful Kickstarter campaign. They will ship February 2018.

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