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Wander, launching this month, is a new travel booking site that allows you to make a change with just a few simple clicks of a button. Book your hotel, choose your favorite charitable cause and then Wander will give a dollar amount to that cause on your behalf, with every single booking you make through the site.


Currently, Wander is partnered with several organizations including CARE International, World Wildlife Fund, Vitamin Angels, Light Up The World and Opportunity International. Wander is also looking into extending their charitable offers to further increase the ways travelers can contribute to social responsibility while on the go.


“Travel is an industry that has a responsibility to give back to the communities that it benefits from, but often doesn’t. Beyond that, there’s a huge misconception that to give back to these communities, it takes extra time or a monetary commitment. With our new, first of its kind model, we’re able to help our users make an impact at the very first stage of their trip process, without changing their traditional booking habits, making it possible for them to make a difference while doing what they love,” said Clementina Oliveras, founder, Wander.


According to the site, studies show 61 percent of travelers will switch to a more socially responsible travel provider if available. Wander’s success in the coming travel months will reveal how true the statistics are.


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