Zagg Rugged Folio for iPad Air

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Tablets like the iPad are becoming increasingly preferable to carrying around a laptop computer, but the lack of keyboard can be a problem for writers who need something comfortable to type on that can also withstand the wear and tear of travel.


For owners of the iPad Air and Mini, the Zagg Rugged Folio might be the perfect solution for typing travelers. Constructed out of polycarbonate plastic, silicone and steel, this folio keyboard is designed to take a beating. This comes at the expense of size and weight, measuring just under an inch in depth, almost tripling the iPad’s profile.


One advantage to the size of the Rugged Folio is the quality of the keyboard. Many Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad sacrifice feel for slim dimensions. Zagg’s keyboard has large keys that provide a good sense of feedback when hit, making this one of the better iPad keyboards out there.


You can learn more about the Rugged Folio at


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