Ollie, Ypsilanti, Mich.

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During a recent trip to Michigan, I explored the foodie scene with a late lunch at Ollie Food and Spirits in Ypsilanti. We began with the Board of Things, a large cutting board overflowing with fruits, vegetables, cheese and bread — all locally grown and sustainably sourced.

Once a small dent in the Board of Things was made, I enjoyed the spring slaw. The slaw was more like a sprout salad with radish, carrots, nuts, rhubarb and greens, tossed in a horseradish tahini sauce. The salad was fresh, light and flavorful. At just $5, the spring slaw was a perfect start to the meal.

Next was the mushroom and asparagus pasta, complete with homemade semolina mixed with olive oil, garlic and fried shallots. The portion was pretty large for $10, and enough for two to share.

A house favorite, Helen’s Roasted Chicken was inspired by the head chef’s nostalgia for his grandmother’s roast chicken and biscuits. I enjoyed the biscuits in butter and honey, and the dish is a major crowd pleaser at $15.

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