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When visiting Amsterdam, there are plenty of amazing choices for a place to spend the night. While abroad, we planned a last-minute weekend trip on a whim and a budget. We scoured websites and Airbnb and came across the reasonably priced Volkshotel. Not only was it listed for less than many of the hostels we were considering, but it looked amazing. The room was only about $90 for a night, which, split between four, was a steal.


Upon our arrival to Volkshotel, we were not disappointed; its eclectic and modern interior makes for a cool spot. It is set pretty far back from the main attractions in City Centre, the one downfall of our short stay. We made it work with cab service and long walks. What better way to get lost in a new city?


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The room itself was modern, with one full bed, and a ladder leading up to a platform including two small bunks. The bathroom was a room with a toilet and shower in close quarters, pretty standard in Europe. Also included in the room was a book of naughty cartoons, as we quickly came to realize the hotel has a quirky sense of humor.


The downstairs lobby included amenities such as meeting rooms with computers, plenty of spots to sit down and work and an urban hotel bar. We hung out at the bar our first night there, enjoying the hip culture and live music.


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The hotel also features a rooftop bar and restaurant, fancy with amazing views. The food and cocktails are on the pricier side, but the views are spectacular, especially if you can get seating outdoors. In the summer months, the sun doesn’t set until around 10 p.m., which we found equally amazing and confusing.


On our second night we stumbled upon the basement bar, which includes a greeter dressed in drag and a cover to enter. Doka includes burlesque and cocktails in the dark. I recommend this for the adventurous and good humored, but I cannot speak from experience as we opted for a night on the town.


If you’re looking for an affordable place in Amsterdam with a hip atmosphere, Volkshotel is your place.



Wibautstraat 150,

1091 GR Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 2612 100


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