Thunder Over Louisville

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Thunder Over Louisville is one of the most breathtaking fireworks shows in the world and was a yearly adventure back when I was in college in Indiana. These days, the show is still going strong with more than 700,000 people attending each year.

Truth be told, it’s mainly a big excuse for people to get drunk and party and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. There’s also plenty of family-friendly fun to be had with carnival-style games and rides set up all along the river. Thunder Over Louisville is also the perfect time to sample local cuisine as it seems nearly every restaurant in town sets up a booth.

When viewing the fireworks it’s important to get a spot on the Kentucky side of the river, in my opinion. You’re closer to most of the action and there’s more great music to be heard. The Indian side is good, too, but the real party is further south.

The fireworks themselves are pretty epic. They’re set off all along the river, not in just one spot, so you’re guaranteed to have a great view of at least part of the show no matter where you watch. I’d suggest reserving a spot on any of the rooftop viewing areas if you have some extra cash to throw away.
Thunder Over Louisville is a blast for those who are fans of fireworks and great beer, so next time you’re in town go ahead and check it out.

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