Best Hiking in Chile

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Chile has a diverse landscape that includes massive mountains and glaciers to endless desert. There is a trail for every hiker and adventure found in every corner of Chile. Seeking a view? Chile has it all.


Travelers from all over the world make the journey to Chile for its incredible trek through Torres del Paine National Park. It’s a five-day hike through Chilean Patagonia and is a nature lovers’ dream. Every turn in the road leads to another fantastic view and adventure that can be had nowhere else in the world. The W circuit of the park is easier than doing the full trail, but it’s still going to be days of hiking through Patagonia. Part of what makes this trail so appealing are the “torres,” the granite mountain peaks.


The full circuit of the park will take around eight days to complete, but includes lakes, mountains and glaciers. This trail is obviously more work, but the extra effort put into hiking Patagonia leads to more views and unforgettable adventures. In the same park, you can do a glacier-only hike on the Grey Glacier path. This is another unique opportunity to be had in the diverse Chilean Patagonia.


For a trail closer to Santiago, try the Glacier El Morado, Cajón del Maipo. It offers gorgeous valley views and an up-close look at the Glacier El Morado. There are also hot springs near the end of the trail that can be used to wash away the grime of the hike.



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