Best Restaurants in Oslo, Norway

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Norway has seen a rise in upscale dining over the last five years and managed to situate itself as a dominant force in the rising Nordice foodie scene. With rich Scandinavian flavors and an economy more favorable to frugal diners lately, the capital city of Oslo is ready to make a name for itself across the world.


When one seeks delicious dining in Oslo, locals immediately point to Maaemo. The first three Michelin-starred restaurant in Norway is famed for its delectable tasting menu of roughly 20 dishes and an extensive wine menu that sees more than 300 regular varieties. A meal here is expensive, but worth every penny.

Mamma Pizza

Looking for something a little more affordable? Check out Mamma Pizza, an authentic restaurant run by a family from Barcelona that offers the best pizza and calzones in Norway. Not only is the food fantastic, but the espresso and wine options are top notch, too.


Kolonihagen manages to produce a delightfully rustic atmosphere while maintaining an upscale air with authentic foods. The lunch menu is the true winner here, with Norwegian- and French-inspired dishes like the fire-grilled reindeer and wild mushroom soups.

Engebret Cafe

Engebret Café is touted as the oldest restaurant in Oslo and managed to remain open for 150 years thanks to an inspired menu that rotates with the season. The somewhat dated interior is purposeful and serene and the year-round reindeer staple classics are a definite must-try. In January, Engebret offers some of the best seafood in the city.

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