Budget Eating in Gran Canaria

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As one of the world’s most popular vacation getaways, it should come as no surprise dining out on Gran Canaria can get expensive. There are a few places where you can save money and still get a good meal.

Nuevo Rokoko

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy meal for breakfast, Nuevo Rokoko offers some of the best smoothies and paninis on the island. The café is a favorite among tourists and also provides plenty of sandwiches for lunch.

Dua Bapa

This unassuming gem is tucked away in the CITA Shopping Center, but well worth the trip. They serve traditional Indonesian food for practically pennies. If you’ve never had rijsttafel this is the place to experience it.

Kim’s Pub

Kim’s Pub has an atmosphere that’ll make your grandmother squirm, but if you’re fine with some colorful language, noisy patrons and delicious English food there’s no better place on the island. Get ready to be pressured into singing some karaoke.

El Boya

The scenery leaves much to be desired, what with the restaurant right next to a cement factory, and the patrons are kind of rowdy. But El Boya offers some of the best Mediterranean food on Gran Canaria and the fish tapas can’t be beat.

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