Celebrating Fall Around the Great Lakes

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In the United States, the traditional place to celebrate Fall is in New England. The Northeast is a bastion of fall foliage, maple syrup and long walks. If you grew up along the Great Lakes; however, you know that come September people get anxious with anticipation for the cooler weather. If you find yourself driving along the Eastern Coast of Lake Michigan, or “up north” in Wisconsin, living in Chicago or driving through Cleveland, know fall is a well-loved time of year and you may want to check out these traditions.

Visit any number of national or state parks, such as the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, The park service can clue you into any number of nature reserves in your area and there are always hidden gems to discover. In some areas, like Michigan, there are festivals surrounding the local natural and man-made wonders like the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival in Alpena, Mich., from Oct. 11-13.

Like in any other part of the country that experiences the change of seasons, leaf peeping is a grand tradition. Yes, you heard that right, watching the leaves change color warms the heart. Do not worry if you are unsure of when the best time to see the leaves will be. You can plan a trip by monitoring the foliage map in order to gauge the exact moment best for a stroll.

Since 1993, corn mazes have become a part of the fall landscape, particularly in Midwestern states. You can find these labyrinths at any of your local fall fests.

Apple cider can always be purchased at your local grocery store this time of year and it is the perfect addition to the bonfires, pie baking and pumpkin spice extravaganzas that last well into November. Happy leaf peeping!

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