Driving in Mykonos

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Driving in Europe is unlike driving in the United States. As many European cabbies will tell you, stop signs and lights are more of a light suggestion than actual rules. In Greece, especially, where the roads are incredibly narrow, densely populated and essentially rule-free, driving can be overwhelming. In Mykonos, with its steep winding cliffside streets, this is even truer. Depending on your hotel’s location, it may be necessary to rent a car in order to see all of the amazing sights this island has to offer. Here are some safety tips to follow while braving the roads.

Smaller is Better

Everyone here has a small compact car for a reason. Try choosing a smaller model when selecting a rental car. You’ll be able to navigate turns and parking much better, and you’ll have less car to scratch up on the rocky roadways.

Go Automatic

Mykonos has steep hills — incredibly steep. To ease any panic or discomfort of climbing these hills and navigating these turns, opt for an automatic vehicle. Switching gears while driving here is an extra concern you just won’t want to worry about.

Drive Slow

Greeks drive fast; don’t try to keep up until you have a solid hang of things. People may zoom by you or ride your tai,l but don’t feel pressured. Go at your own pace and stay safe.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

There will be a lot going on around you on these streets. From tourists on ATVs to Greeks zipping by on motorbikes, keep your eyes peeled. Many people will weave in and out of traffic recklessly; always anticipate their next move.

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