Fighting Depression When Studying Abroad

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For those who travel alone or are away from home for awhile, depression can hit. Depression is something that creeps up on you when you think you’re fine and turns your life upside down. It can taint great travel memories with sadness and maybe keep you from traveling as often.

Thankfully, there are things that can be done to make depression either go away or more bearable when traveling. Spending time with friends or locals you have met is a great way to combat depression. Talking to others and spending time in the company of people will uplift your spirits.

Take breaks when needed. It’s okay if everyday is not spent searching for the next best attraction. Have a movie day or relax in your hotel and read a book. Never taking a moment to rest raises your stress levels, which can attribute to depression. Always listen to your body’s needs and take good care of yourself.

Keep a journal of your travels and your moods. Write down anything you feel like writing about whether it’s a good day or a bad day. Sometimes just writing out your feelings can help make the depression less intense. Depression is tough, but facing it head-on is the best strategy for managing it.

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