How to Pack Like a Flight Attendant

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As flight attendants wheel their tiny bags through airports, seamlessly transferring from flight to flight with only the necessities, travelers may wonder how they fit everything they could possibly need into one small suitcase half the size of the traditional carry-on. While flight attendants aren’t taking long vacations and may not require as much luggage as a vacationer, there are still a few helpful tips the everyday traveler could benefit from when packing for a trip.


Arm yourself with meds. Travel is unpredictable, and exposing your body to new climates, altitudes and food can cause any number of physical ailments. Pack a few generic meds like ibuprofen, anti-diarrheal medicine and a stool softener, just in case your body isn’t prepared for unfamiliar elements.


Organize the interior. Flight attendants’ bags look neat and organized from the outside, but it’s likely the interior is just as well-kept. Compartmentalize by keeping similar items in designated bags, such as a bag for shoes, a bag for underwear and another bag for shirts. This will put those grocery-store plastic bags to use.


Layer up. The unpredictable conditions can change on a dime, especially when traveling by air. Toss in a cardigan, an extra pair of socks and a versatile scarf or wrap to prepare for rapid temperature changes when in flight.




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