Keep Neighboring Seats Empty on Etihad

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Passengers aboard Etihad Airways can now opt to pay extra to keep adjacent seats empty. Etihad released its new “neighbor-free seat” option, likely popular on long-haul flights when passengers may want more room to stretch out.

The Abu Dhabi-based airline launched the option July 3, and the option is open to economy-class passengers who can buy up to three seats next to them.

Economy-class passengers receive an email notification a few days before the flight notifying them of empty seats near them. They are then given the option to keep them free by bidding on the service. There are minimum and maximum bids for each flight. Successful bids are confirmed 30 hours before take-off.

The new seat option is part of an initiative by Etihad to increase flexibility and value. Other new amenities include offering economy-class passengers paid access to its growing collection of worldwide lounges.

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