How to Kill Jet Lag, Effectively

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Unfortunately, there is no magic fix-all when it comes to jet lag. If you are traveling across several time zones, expect your body to fall out of step when it comes to your sleep cycle.


Jet lag can be the nemesis of travel-lovers, and although it can’t always be avoided, it can be beaten effectively by following certain guidelines and avoiding certain pitfalls. You already know the obvious — approach your travel day well rested, don’t hit the sack upon arrival if it’s still daytime, try your best to sleep on those overnight flights.


There are some other methods recommended by professionals to help combat jet lag that you may not have heard of, though.


Recently, Sports Illustrated interviewed several nutrition experts on the matter, and came up with some interesting suggestions. Experts recommend foods such as yogurt, beef jerky, cherry juice, nuts and seeds to help stop jet lag in its tracks.


Timothy Morgenthaler, MD, president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, also penned a recent article for The Huffington Post offering tips for beating jet lag. Dr. Morgenthaler’s suggestions include regulating your exposure to light, drinking plenty of water and taking 0.5 grams of melatonin before going to sleep around your new location’s bedtime.


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