Kusama Museum Opens in Japan

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The dream-like art of Yayoi Kusama, famous for her infinity rooms, draws long lines of fans when it appears at art museums around the world. Now, there’s an entire museum dedicated to her work in Tokyo.

The 88-year-old artist is known for creating living, kaleidoscopic, polka-dotted art installations that feel pulled from a child’s dream. They also offer a peek behind the curtain of mental illness, as Kusama lives in a mental institution.

The museum opened in October to worldwide acclaim. It is set within a five-story building was built in 2014. Visitors buy timed tickets in advance and spend 90 minutes exploring the museum. Tickets are 1000 Japanese Yen, around $9.

This is the first museum dedicated entirely to Kusama’s works; previously, fans had to catch a traveling exhibition, which consistently saw tickets sell out no matter where it set up shop. This permanent opening will give enthusiasts the opportunity to stop chasing a moving target.

Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit recently hit the road, traveling throughout the United States in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto, Cleveland and Atlanta.

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