Make Work Easy While On The Road

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Working while on the go can be frustrating, but it’s often a necessity, especially if you sometimes travel for work. Employing a few simple habits and tricks can ensure you enjoy your travel while also accomplishing all of your work tasks.


Plan ahead. Don’t assume you’ll just “wing it,” when the time comes. Think ahead to your travel itinerary and realistically consider what kind of time restrictions you’ll be under. Make a list of everything you must complete while traveling, and decide ahead of time exactly when you’ll do it.


Work ahead. You want to be sure you give yourself ample time to enjoy your travel, so, if possible, work in advance, completing tasks ahead of time, even before you leave for your trip. This will give you much more flexibility once you’re actually out on the road or at 35,000 feet. You’ll also be grateful when, halfway into your trip, you realize your work is finished for the week and you can head out to the bars or the beach.
Anticipate problems. It’s an unfortunate fact the in-flight WiFi doesn’t always work and sometimes your device runs out of battery right when it’s the most inopportune. Plan for the worst and you’ll be ready and prepared to keep working even when disaster strikes. Documents you need to go over? Print them for battery-free reading. Emails to answer? Be sure to set up an appropriate away message, and ask one of your colleagues if you can include their email for urgent requests.


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