How to Pack for a Trip with Changes in Climate

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Packing for a trip can be tough; it can be even harder when you’re traveling to multiple destinations with different climates. How do you pack for unpredictable or changing weather? Consult this guide to keep you prepared for any weather event, while also avoiding overpacking.

Handle the Warmest Climate First

Start with your warmest climate and lightest clothing options, then choose items you can layer over top of them as you get into colder climates. This way you have your base layers taken care of, while also having outfits for intermittent weather. 

Get Rid of “Maybe” Items

Never have more than one of a certain item, especially if it is bulky. This includes sweatshirts, coats, boots and jeans. Eliminate as much as you can to only include the necessities.

Plan Out Your Outfits

Check the weather forecasts and plan out your outfits for each day. This gets rid of unnecessary items and will help keep you organized. Make sure you can re-wear and repurpose certain items for different legs of your trip.

Rain, Snow and Sun

Include a rain jacket, snow gear and a swimsuit if your trip requires.

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