Tipping Tips for Europe

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Gallivanting through Europe is a fantastic way to see multiple countries in a fairly concentrated area, but as cultures change with each border crossing, so do customs and etiquette. Whether you’re paying with pounds, euros or crowns, here are a few tipping rules to keep in mind when traveling through Europe.

Inspect the Check
Some countries automatically include extras in the bill, such as local tax and a tip supplement. Look at the check closely to spot additional charges, and consult Google Translate for any language barriers.

In Scandinavian countries, tips are already factored into prices at places like restaurants, and servers’ base salaries are adequately livable. In this increasingly cash-free area of the continent, leaving a few coins as a tip won’t be as welcome as in southern countries. When in Spain, Italy or Greece, keep some spare change on hand as tipping via a credit card isn’t always possible.

Use your Judgment
If the service you received was above and beyond, consider tipping anywhere from 5 to 10 percent. Even if tipping isn’t customary in the country, the service provider will appreciate it. With that said, if you experience extremely poor service, don’t feel obligated to tip. Just like in the States, tipping should be commensurate with the quality of service.

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