Tips for Crate Digging Overseas

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For music aficionados, nothing beats a good crate digging session. While the art has fallen by the wayside and resurged again in recent years, it’s largely limited to DJs and vinyl junkies. Even if you’ve never touched a turntable, a visit to the local record store can be an eye-opening experience into the local culture. Follow these tips to get the most out of your journey.


Start Familiar

The resurgence in vinyl means at least one of your favorite artists has a vinyl release. Even if you’re streaming them on repeat, purchasing an album does way more to support the artist, plus you have a nice little memento.


Look for Names

One of the lost pastimes of analog music is reading the album credits. Look for writers, producers and musicians that play on your favorite records and see what else they’ve worked on. If you’re a hip-hop head, see which records your favorite tracks sampled and listen to the original work.


Find a Label You Like

Independent labels often cater to a particular style, meaning if you like one of its releases, they’ll probably have something else you’ll also like.


Explore a Particular Era

If you’re a fan of classic rock, search out some of the lesser-known acts from the 60s who didn’t get on Spotify. Another interesting strategy is to find releases from a particular year.


Take Advantage of Alternative Formats

Many vinyl releases conveniently offer download cards so you can get both the digital and analog versions of the album. There’s also a growing interest in cassette tapes, which offers its own unique sound and listening experience (plus, they fit much more easily in a suitcase).


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