Tips for Prepping for a Tough Mudder Trip

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Tough Mudders are all the rage around the country these days, so if you’re training for one you’re probably not alone. As fun as they are, they’re also strenuous and require a little planning.


Form a Team

Don’t go at it alone in a Tough Mudder. The entire course is actually designed to promote teamwork, so you don’t want to be the guy or girl or can’t make it over a wall because you came without a friend.


Don’t Skip Training

Tough Mudders are hard. Sure, you can skip the sections you can’t compete but where’s the fun in that. Come up with a training regiment and stick with it. The experience isn’t nearly as fun if you only try half of the obstacles.



Speak With Your Doctor

There are dangling electrical wires, freezing pools of ice and miles of mud to get through at each course. You need to be realistic about both your abilities and your health. Speak with your doctor before signing up and make sure your body and mind are up to it. It’s ok to put it off a year if you need to get in better shape.


Don’t Set Hard Goals

Look, wanting to push yourself is great, but there’s a time and a place. Don’t be that douche who gets angry and starts flopping mud around if you can’t make it up a wall on your first try. Relax, and focus on having fun first and foremost.


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