What To Do When You Get Sick on Vacation

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Getting sick while on vacation is never a part of anyone’s ideal travel itinerary. Not only are you away from home and in an unfamiliar environment, but also healthcare may be questionable and knowing whom to trust for medical care can be difficult. When ill during savored vacation time, keep the following tips in mind.


Brush up on your travel insurance policy. Before any possible illness even sets in, consider purchasing travel insurance. Even the cheapest plan that offers the bare minimum care can provide comfort and benefits. Carry a copy of the policy with you on your phone or folded up in a day bag.


Search for a reputable healthcare provider. In popular vacation spots, it’s easy to speak to a concierge or local law enforcement for suggested quality healthcare professionals. In more remote locations, however, it may take an internet search or conversation with expatriates who have lived in the area for a long time to find a doctor or dentist that speaks your language.


Rest and search for the bright side. Travel is exhausting so even if you’re not severely ill, it’s important to allow your body to rejuvenate and not pile on too much during your trip. Search for the silver linings, as well; for example, vacations are meant for relaxation, so a few extra days in a bed are not completely unreasonable.


If illness persists, contact the embassy or consulate. The local embassy can arrange emergency evacuation to the nearest facility as well notify family and friends back home. Connect with the U.S. State Department to inform the government of your travels and designate emergency contacts while you are away.


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